Child Care Network - Sample Interview Questions

Sample Interview Questions

Daycare/Employee Credentials

    How long have you been in business?

    Do you have any formal early childhood development or childcare training?

    Are you licensed by the province?

    Do you have CPR and first-aid training?

    How long does the average staff member stay?

    How do you screen staff?


    Do you have space for my child?

    If not, is there a waiting list and how long is it?

    Is there a minimum age that you accept?

    What are your hours?

    Do you provide part-time care?

    What are your fees?

    Do you have a late pickup fee?

    What is the payment schedule?

    What holidays/vacation days are you closed?

    Will I have to pay for days my child does not attend your program?

    Do you require paid vacation/holidays?

    Do you encourage visits from parents?

    What do you expect from me as a parent?

    Do you administer medications with permission?

    Do you have an adjustment or trial period?


    How many children do you currently have in your program?

    What is the group size for children my child's age?

    What is the adult-child ratio?

    What are the children’s age ranges?

    What is the average length of time that a child stays at your facility?

Interaction with Child

    What is your discipline method?

    How do you comfort children?

    Can you describe the children that you care for now?

    Will you help with toilet training?

    Why do you work with children? What do you like/dislike most about caring for them?

    What would you do if you had concerns about my child's development or behavior?

    What if my parenting philosophies differ from yours?

    How do you handle temper tantrums, fighting, refusal to share, destruction of toys, etc?

    Do you let the children watch television?

    May I have a tour of the rooms and facilities that my child will use?


    What activities do you like to do with the children?

    What will my child be doing on any given day?

    How do you play with the children?

    What would you do on a rainy day?

    How do you feel about messy play (i.e. sand, water, paint)?

    Outings: Where do you go? How do you travel? Do you have proper child care restraints?

    Exercise: Where are the active play areas - inside/outside (especially in winter)?

Cleanliness and Security

    What is your sick-child policy?

    Do you have a sign-in and sign-out sheet?

    Are emergency numbers posted?

    Are fire extinguishers and smoke detectors in place?

    Are the doors secure from strangers?

    Do you have a safe enclosed outside play area?

    How have you child-proofed your facility?

    What are your plans for handling food allergies, injuries, emergency situations?

Meals and Naps

    Do you provide lunch and snacks?

    If yes, what kind and how often?

    Do you feed babies on demand or on a schedule? Demand / Schedule

    Where do the children sleep?

    Do you have a nap schedule?


    Could you recommend families I can call for references?

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    Name_____________________________ Phone#___________________________

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