Child Care Network - Sample Contract

Sample Contract

Childcare Services Contract Between
(Name of Daycare) and (Parents' Names)

Name(s) of Parent(s):  

Name(s) of Child(ren):  


Telephone #:  

Start Date:  

Compensation and Benefits

Pay: per week/month/hour to be paid every Friday / 15th and 30th of the month / Other: ____________

Methods of Payment: Cash / Cheque / Credit Card

Paid vacation: _____week(s) per year. Daycare will give parents ____ weeks notice of vacation plans.

Paid holidays: (i.e Christmas, etc.)  


(Name of Daycare) will work ____ hours a week. Parents will pay /hour for any extra hours worked.

(Name of Daycare) is open between ____a.m./p.m. and ____a.m./p.m.

Days of the week daycare is open:  

Sick days: ___ days per year

Personal days: ___ days per year

(Name of Daycare) will give parents _____ days notice for personal days taken and will call by ___ a.m. the first day of illness.

Substitute child care will be arranged by parents / daycare.

Child(ren) may miss ____ days a year free of charge. Additional days will be charged.

Parents will give (Name of Daycare) _____ days notice for child(ren)'s absence and will call by ___ a.m. the first day of illness.

Parenting Philosophy

Nap schedule:  

Discipline methods: (i.e. time-outs)  

Television: yes / no     If yes, how many hours a day? _____ hours

Meals Provided:  

Allergies to Food:  

Authorization to release child:
(List anyone who is allowed to visit or pick up your child during the day, for example, grandparent, your older sister, etc.)




If a medical emergency arises, do you authorize (Name of Daycare) to take your child to the doctor or emergency room and seek medical care. Yes / No

(Name of Daycare) must contact the parents immediately.

Mother's phone number:  

Father's phone number:  

Other emergency contact:  

Notice of Termination

(Name of Caydare) must give ___ weeks / months notice of termination in writing.

Parents must give (Name of Daycare) ___ weeks / months notice if their services will no longer be required.

This contract can be terminated by either party without penalty during the "get acquainted" period which ends __________________________.

Specific Instructions






Name of Daycare   Date

Parent   Date

Parent   Date

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